Should I Sleep with Air Purifier Turned ON or OFF at Night?

Genuinely concerned about sleeping with a switched-on air purifier? Then you need to go through this article because we will provide you with all the information that you need. People with allergies know how hard it is to live with all the dust and contaminants because it really makes your life tough. Especially, people who are suffering from asthma cannot stand all this grime. Due to this exact reason, air purifiers are introduced in the markets based upon advanced technology.

The air purifiers are solely meant to provide you ease and comfort. In fact, it is an effective remedy that can control your allergies, if not completely eradicate them. Plus, you must have noticed that people usually use these air purifiers for their newborns so that they are protected from the harsh environment.

Should I Sleep with an Air Purifier On?

A common question arises in the minds of many people regarding the essential safety measures for an air purifier. So, given below is some of the important information regarding the air purifiers that may prove helpful:

1. Safety

Now coming to the main question that is related to sleeping while the air purifier is turned on. So, it is totally safe because you can switch on the air purifier all day long with no apparent side effects. In fact, it can prove beneficial for people with diseases such as asthma, allergy, lung infection, etc. The reason why air purifiers are safe all day long is that it sort of provides you with ventilation.

Should I Sleep with Air Purifier Turned ON or OFF

This ventilation is hard to achieve otherwise especially when you are living on the main road or dust area where the air is not fresh. You cannot get the fresh air into your house at such places. However, natural air is the best ventilator but it is usually achieved in mountainous areas or in villages.

2. Fight Against Chemicals

In such a situation, air purifiers are the real heroes that can rescue you from the disaster because your health comes first. You can easily get rid of all the pollution and harmful chemicals in the air with the help of air purifiers. One thing that is extremely crucial you definitely need to keep in mind while using the air purifiers is that the filters must be clean. You should replace the filters every now and then so that you get the most of it. Other than that, there is one major reason due to which the air gets contaminated again as soon as you turn off the air purifier. It is mainly due to the fact that the doors and windows in our house are not tightly packed or sealed. So, the pollutants tend to enter the room again.

3. Air Purifiers Function

The air purifiers function in a very interesting manner. The mesh or paper filters that are found in the air purifiers do the main job. So, an air purifier functions in such a way that it captures the air from the environment. Afterward, it absorbs the harmful particles i.e dust particles, from the air, and then the filters clean that air while removing the dust. Then the air purifiers return the cleansed air back to the space or environment. Other than that, the filters of the air purifiers can also be removed or changed. So, this means that you can easily replace the filters with new ones whenever there is a need.

4. Few Drawbacks

However, there is a huge drawback of tightly sealed rooms. It can lead to the accumulation of carbon dioxide which can be really dangerous at times. Two little disadvantages of keeping the air purifier turned on even while you are asleep are: Firstly, it consumes a lot of electricity which is a waste of money. Secondly, the filters of an air purifier get contaminated after almost one and a half hours. So, when you are asleep, it may stop performing its main duty.

5. Maintaining the Air Purifiers

The air purifiers are available in the market with a vast variety and are categorized into several different types. However, every filter requires some good maintenance otherwise it will soon be damaged. The maintenance is quite simple because all you need is to wash the filter. If you wash the filters every now and then, you can use them multiple times. Normally, filters only purify the air from dust but some air filters can also detect bacteria and remove them from the environment. These types of filters are known as ‘ultraviolet light filters.’

6. Ionizers

Apart from that, there is another category of air filters that work on ionizers but those kinds of filters can sometimes be really detrimental to your health. The filters having ionizers can actually exasperate your lung infections if you are already suffering from them. So, in order to avoid this issue, you can simply read the description carefully, provided along with the air purifier.

7. Types of Pollutants

Moreover, there are two major kinds of pollutants found in the air. One is air pollutants and the other one is gas pollutants. So, most of the air filters that are commonly available in the market can only detect dust particles. Whereas, toxic gaseous chemicals remain there in the air and keep on polluting it without you even knowing. If you want to enhance the cleaning ability of the filters, then you certainly need to change the filters with new ones after a few months, consistently.

8. Multiple Layered Filters

There is an extremely effective filter that can give you the desired outcome and it is known as a ‘high-efficiency particulate air filter’. This filter consists of multiple layers that can provide different levels of purification. One of the layers is meant to trap small particles meanwhile, the other one has the ability to absorb even the largest particles. The different layers of high-efficiency particulate air filters are known as impaction, interception, and diffusion. There are multiple other ways that can help you improve the quality of air at your house. Through these simple ways, you can easily get some good ventilation.

9. Ventilation Through Windows

If you are not living in a crowded area then you must avail this opportunity and make the best use of it. Fresh air is always the best solution to most of the problems. Ventilation through fresh air can improve your health in ways you cannot imagine. Other than that, you must also plant some trees near your house if possible. Moreover, try not to cut down the already existing trees because they are a great source of oxygen.

10. Dusting and Vacuuming

Regular cleaning of your house can also improve the quality of the atmosphere. When you do dusting and vacuuming on a daily basis then you automatically get rid of most of the harmful substances. Some areas are exposed to so much dust that it can become hard to get rid of the allergies. However, with a little bit of extra care, you can actually prevent the particles from staying in for long.

11. Avoid Burning the Wood in the Backyard of the House

This is an important way to prevent smoke and dust from entering your house. When you burn wood for whatever reason, its smoke spreads all over the place and can prove fatal to people suffering from asthma. Other than that, people commonly tend to burn the garbage and trash near the house which can again be extremely dangerous.

12. Ventilation Through the Exhaust Fan

Ventilation achieved through the exhaust fan is an easy way and a very common one too. However, one must know how to properly utilize it. So, if you are cooking or doing something in the kitchen, then you must turn on the exhaust fan. By doing so, you are actually eliminating the smoke from the kitchen which may spread in the house. Removing the heat gives space to clean air.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

So, this is another question that arises in the minds of a lot of people which is a genuine concern. The placement of an air purifier can make a huge difference in the effectiveness. Try to place the air purifier at a location where you detect most of the dust and other pollutants. By doing so, you will notice the immediate results because the filters will instantly absorb all the dust. The same is the case with smoke or fire. Like in the kitchen, there is a lot of heat that disperses all across the other rooms. So, an air purifier can filter all of that quickly.

Should I Sleep with Air Purifier Turned ON at night

1. Near Entrances

Another very effective way to purify the air immediately is to place the air purifier near the entrances. For example, you can put it near the doors, windows, and galleries. One major advantage of placing the air purifier at such places is that it can prevent the polluted air from spreading all over the place. It just simply stops at the entrance.

2. Avoid Narrow/Enclosed Places

It is advisable that in order to get the best outcome out of this machine, try not to put it at the corners. This can create a lot of hindrance in the purification process. You need a free flow of air because if the air purifier is placed at the corners then the dusty air will remain undetected. Other than that, you also need to be considerate about the size of the room. Your room size is directly related to the effectiveness of the air purifier.

3. Away from Your Face

While you sleep, you certainly do not want the air pressure on your face to disturb your sleep. In order to avoid this inconvenience, place the air purifier at some distance from your bed. This is how you can have quality sleep as well as purified air at the same time. Another reason to put the air purifier at a distance is that you have to protect yourself from electric current. Generally, it is safer to keep all the electric appliances at a distance especially when you are asleep.

There are two main types of filters that are installed in the air purifier. One is a carbon filter and the other is a HEPA filter, as discussed earlier as well. The carbon filters play the role of purifying the toxic gaseous air. On the other hand, HEPA filters purify the air from pet hair or from fungus and bacteria. This is how the two filters act as saviors and offer you the healthy and fresh air that you are searching for.

4. Humidity

Humidity is another big obstacle in the way of air purifiers as it hinders airflow. Mostly, humidity is in the kitchens and it can cause too much suffocation. Due to this reason, the air purifiers cannot function that effectively. So, in order to boost the effectiveness of the air purifier filters, you can bring a dehumidifier to your home. Both appliances need to work in harmony especially when it comes to a suffocated and humid atmosphere. Fresh and cleansed air is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve that environment, you need to invest some money for the good.

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So, spend money on achieving good health because it is never wasted. However, you need to strike a balance by purchasing good quality air purifiers rather than just throwing away the money on some poor quality appliance. Other than that, if you are a person who is suffering from skin allergies or lung infections, you must start using an air purifier. Moreover, If you have infants at your home, you definitely need an air purifier. In fact, air purifiers have been medically recommended by so many doctors all over the world.

Children and old people are more prone to infections and viruses which is why you need to take extra care of them. In today’s era, where consumerism has increased all over the world, a lot of negative effects can be seen. Trees are continuously being cut down, traffic is increasing day by day, and there is smoke everywhere rather than fresh air. In times like these, it is really hard to breathe in some fresh air. So, the only solution that can be offered nowadays is to get an air purifier for yourself and improve the quality of life.