Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier Review – [ 2022 ]

Honeywell has been a strong and well-known brand across the market with high-end products and effective models. Here, this HPA300 is no different with an affordable price range, highly effective mechanisms, and an efficient cleaning system. Therefore, this article offers an in-depth review based on portability, durability, fan setting, filtration system, and voltage/ power stabilization.

Honeywell HPA300 CADR True HEPA Review

Honeywell has gained a certain reputation when it comes to household usage and high-end products such as ACs, Air coolers, or fans. Hence, this HPA300 is one of the best air purifiers from their range, known to be 90 percent effective in cleaning the air and killing the germs present in it. Overall, it is ideal for medium to large households with unmatched functionality and power efficiency.

Filtration System: Pre-Carbon filter and true HEPA filter
Filter Life Span: 6 months for pre-filter and 1 month for HEPA filter
CADR ratings (max): 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute)
Room Coverage: 465 sq feet with 5 air exchange per hour
Number of Fans: 4
Maximum Noise Level: 64dB
Power Consumption: 127 Watt
Voltage: 120 V
Certification: Energy Star Certified

Design, Construction, and Portability

While looking for an air purifier, these things mattered the most for user accommodation and easy handling of the product. This Honeywell HPA300 comes in two different shades of white and black, each weighing 17 pounds that is lightweight and adds a point to portability. Additionally, the unit is made up of high-quality ABS plastic that makes it anti-abrasive and prevents any scratch or physical damage and makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

The design includes a similar front and rear pattern with a stain black front air intake element that is followed by the filtration system just below this panel. Another thing that is unique in the system is gaps within the body that keep the purified air in the room that minimizes the contaminants with effective cleaning. Also, the model includes a touch panel that makes it effortless to use with a turbo setting, and each control has a separate indicator light.

Filtration System

Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier Review

The Honeywell HPA300 is one of the most versatile air purifiers with intelligent filtration ability and effective performance. Hence, at a reasonable price range, the unit comes with pre-filters and activated true HEPA filters.


This Honeywell system includes A and A+ pre-filtration ability that has the ability to kill even small micron particles. Pre-Filters are the effective cleaning forces with activated Carbon filters that are known for their effective performance that absorbs VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, odor from air, and traps large particles. Hence, these filters ensure the air is clean and helps the user with enhanced functionality. However, these filters require quick replacements every three to four-month which can be a little overwhelming for some users.

True HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the best cleaning agents for air purifying and cleaning purposes. These filters have an efficiency of up to 99.9% that are able to kill 0.3 microns pollutant particles. This HEPA filtration is R-certified which makes it even more effective against smoke, dust, allergens, and debris and reduces airborne elements to a great extent. Moreover, it is ideal for a room that measures 465 square feet, making it effective for medium to large rooms. Yet, for effective cleaning, you can even change the filter annually, after 12 months that can make your unit even long-lasting.

Turbo Cleaning System

Another reason why this Honeywell HPA300 is popular among users is because of this turbo cleaning system that offers quick functionality with high-end mechanisms. Hence, this system can further be divided into four elements, including cleaning levels, namely germs, allergens, general cleaning, and then turbo. To operate this cleaning system, manufacturers have added touch power buttons. Hence, to activate the system, first, you will have to press the first level called “allergens” that optimizes the system to catch pollutants from the air.

Likewise, you can press the general cleaning mode that is used for day-to-day, routine cleaning to kill germs, pollutants and remove odor. Lastly, talking about the turbo engine, the system includes a fan that works at the highest settings and uses a front air intake panel with a True HEPA filtration element to ensure there are no left-out pollutants in the air. To learn further about the system, you can look into the instruction manual included in the package that can assist you throughout the process. You can log into this instruction manual from the small tab on the touch control.

Honeywell HPA300 Room Coverage

Similarly, coming to the room coverage and overall usage, the model is specifically designed for large rooms and households with the capacity to cover 465 square feet. As compared to other similar models, including Winix WAC9500 and Coway AP-1512HH, this unit is highly effective in terms of area coverage and performance efficiency.

Likewise, talking about the ACH value, this HPA300 is highly effective and operates within less time. ACH value measures the exchange rate of the air with respect to the room area that determines the overall efficiency of a system. The classic design offers a high level of ACH value with 320 dust and 300 pollen cfm capacity. It’s among the top-rated air purifiers for dust. Apart from this, the high CADR ratings make it one of the most powerful air purifiers.

Cooling System and Sound

First of all, considering the unit comes with a large fan and high CADR/ ACH ratings, the noise of the fan is justified. To understand the mechanism, users must know that when a unit includes high CADR ratings, there is no sleep mode included that increases the sound level at the highest speed settings. Moreover, this HPA300 includes a turbo engine that works at an ultra-fast speed of 63dB, making it a little noisier than usual. Yet, at the low-speed settings, the fan doesn’t seem to have noise at all that can help you with a calm and comfortable experience.

Power Consumption and Energy Star Certifications

Additionally, despite a noisy cooling fan and exhaustion system, the HPA300 contains the Energy Star certification. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the power consumption and high heat dissipation that can lead to high voltage consumption. So, with this model, you are getting high power efficiency, thermal effectiveness with stable voltage, and less heat dissipation that can eventually lead to cost reduction. Moreover, with this certification, it rests assured that there will be no ozone emission with this Honeywell model.

  • It comes at a reasonable price range
  • It offers high-performance efficiency
  • Includes an ultra-fast turbo engine
  • It offers high power efficiency and cost reduction
  • Offers high-speed fan settings
  • Includes HEPA filter and Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Accommodates medium to large rooms
  • It can be noisy for some at high-speed fan settings
  • Many users have experienced a problem of bad smell

How to Change Filter of an Air Purifier: A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

While using an air purifier, it is significant to change or replace the filter effectively. Hence, changing the filter is effortless and can be done by everyone with no special expertise. So, to replace the filter, follow this step-by-step method.

  • First of all, turn your unit off and plug out the device from the main power source.
  • Once you are done, disassemble different parts of the unit and keep them separate, so there is no chance of missing any part after you have done installing a new filter.
  • Now, open the panel and use warm to hot water to wash the filter. After this, wait for some time to dry the filter perfectly.
  • Once you are done with this step, remove the pre-filter and use a smooth and soft cloth to wipe all the debris and dust settled in the system.
  • Before proceeding further, ensure that the filter is fully dried out before it contacts anything else.
  • Now, install the new filter with the same steps, and for further guidance, you can look into the instruction manual for an easy process.
  • Now, after you are done installing the new system, you can assemble the system with the parts you put separately in the initial steps.

Put your device together, and it is ready to go.

Why Change the Filter of an Air Purifier?

After constantly using the air purifier for a long time, most users confront problems related to slow working, continuous hangs, and even breakdown of the system. On this, they eventually replace the entire machine and often face a great loss in terms of price and finance. Hence, on this occasion, if you are in the middle of something like this, you must look further into this as a lot of times, it is just the problem of filters. Therefore, your filter has absorbed enough dust, debris, and allergens as any more will not be absorbed and can lead to the slow down of the system.

Similarly, the filter is a vital and significant part of an air purifier, and it comes with a limit, after which replacing the filter becomes highly important. Many filters come with different lights that indicate the condition of the filter and guide you with the monitoring process. After a certain limit, you must change the filter of your air purifier. Hence, the following indicates the change of filter;

  • The low speed of light indicates that you must change the HEPA filter that has a life period of twelve to fourteen months.
  • Medium speed indicates that you need to get a new pre-filter that has a lifespan of at least six to eight months.

Based on this indication light and instruction manual with filter status on your device, you can change the filter to make your device work even better.


Does the Honeywell HPA300 produce ozone?

Honeywell HPA300 comes with a pre-carbon filter and Energy star certifications that make it reliable in terms of allergens and ozone radiations. Hence, with this technology and a true HEPA filtrations system, the manufacturers have ensured there is no problem with ozone radiation. Hence, with less odor and high efficiency, you can enjoy a clean and smooth experience overall.

How long does a Honeywell air purifier last?

Honeywell HPA 300 comes with high-quality construction and premium features that make it long-lasting and adds value to the product’s durability. It also comes with a long warranty and an efficient cooling mechanism that mitigates the chances of any abrasion or damage. To ensure the long working of this machine, you must make sure you are frequently changing the filters of your device once the limit is exceeded.

What are the filters included in the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier?

Honeywell HPA300 comes with two different filtration systems, including a Pre-Carbon filter and a True HEPA filter. The carbon filter is known for its work against allergens, odor, and pollen and even kills minute microns that are present in the air. Additionally, the True HEPA filter is one of the best, with 99.97% efficiency that kills even 0.3 ounces of microns present in the air and offers absolute performance efficiency.

Does Honeywell HPA300 accommodate large rooms?

Honeywell HPA300 comes with the capacity of 465 square foot room coverage to accommodate users. Hence, it is ideally designed for medium to large households with high efficiency and clean air that can help you overall. In comparison to other devices with similar prices and specifications, this HPA300 is an ideal option with high room coverage.

What is the difference between Honeywell HPA300 and HPA340?

The only major difference between Honeywell HPA300 and HPA340 is the black and white colors, respectively. After this, there is no apparent difference between the units apart from the sound and cooling system. If you want to go for an effective one with less budget, this HPA300 is an ideal choice for you.

Wrapping Up

In the end, this Honeywell HPA300 is an ideal choice if you are looking for a high-end air purifier with absolute efficiency, enhanced filtration capacity, less power consumption, and overall comes at a reasonable price range. If you are a large family and want a purifier that can accommodate your routine needs and gives you a comfortable experience, this is a well-suited unit for you. Apart from purification, it is known for easy-to-use mechanisms, turbo cleaning systems, and energy-star certification.