Coway AP-1512HH Review – Mighty Air Purifier Tested Specs

In this age of extreme pollution, you must be fed up with diseases caused by pollutants present in the air. With the passage of time, you can notice that there is an increase in allergic patients. The ratio of allergies is increasing rapidly beyond our thoughts. So, its control has become necessary.

Coway AP-1512HH is a high-quality home air purifier. If you are looking for a mid-sized air purifier for your bigger rooms, they are in high demand. A good size of the room can be purified with the help of this mid-sized air purifier but it does not support the purification of the whole house or large quantity of area. They are ideal for purification purposes of drawing rooms, living rooms, garages, etc.

Ozone layer depletion is increasing day by day because of emissions of harmful gases from many appliances present in our dwellings. The use of this air purifier ensures you that there is no emission of any pollutant that would aid in ozone layer reduction.

By using this air cleaner, you can be satisfied with your health conditions as well as your family’s. You must be assured that the air in which you are breathing is not harmful to you anymore. For enhancing living standards in this modern age, it is a gift of technology or compensation for the loss of purity of air.

Coway AP-1512HH

This air purifier has the ability to eliminate the smallest pollutants, of about 0.3 microns in size, from the air with accuracy in its functioning. It has the power to remove 99.97% of polluting particles from the air. It is extremely affordable under the range of $300 with a weight of only 5.8 kilograms.


This air purifier works in four stages. These stages help in the filtration of air in the best ways to eliminate the risk of pollutants in the air. In each stage, the air gets purified more than its previous one. These four stages are given below;

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Review
  1. Washable pre-filter, in its first stage, works by catching all the bigger dust particles. These particles include hair, dust, paper pieces, etc. and it is easy to clean this pre-filter. Much of the cleaning occurs in this stage. It’s among the finest air purifiers for dust.
  2. Odor filter, second stage, works by catching small pollutants, injurious gases as well as unpleasant odors. This all is done with the help of activated carbon.
  3. A True-Hepa filter helps in catching microscopic pollutants from the air with very small size. This includes pollen grains, tobacco smoke, or flakes of skin from animal hair. This stage helps in the extra purification of air.
  4. Vital ionizers, in the final stage, work through electrochemical reactions. It helps ions to get charge and help in further purification of the air

Key Features

There are lots of features present in Coway AP-1512HH which makes it more desirable. Some of these are given below;

  • An intuitive air quality indicator is an indicator that shows the level of purity of air in a specific area. The change of color of LED present in it helps you to examine the purity. The red color of LED is a symbol of a highly polluted area. The purple color of light shows the medium polluted area, while the blue color is the indication of pollutants free air.
  • Automatic airspeed control is a controller that adjusts the movements of fans to reduce the pollutants from the air. These airspeed controllers work continuously if your air purifier is switched on.
  • The timer is used to schedule a time limit. If you want a purifier to work for 10 hours a day, you can schedule it accordingly. In this way, you can reduce the workload of purifiers as well.
  • The filter replacement indicator helps you to indicate the time of replacement of the filter. To maintain your air purifier, you must change or replace the filters from it. It must be done after every 3 months. For allergic patients, it is recommended that they should change it after 30 to 60 days.
  • The Vital ion system is a part of a 4 stage filtration process, where the generation of electrochemical reaction causes a reduction in the air particles.

Types of Coway Air Purifiers

  1. Lombok III AP1520C is one the best Coway Air Purifiers. It contains a child lock system to keep your settings from accidental touches by kids.
  2. Breeze AP-1018F is another type of Coway Air Purifiers, which helps in clear breathing. It is of small size but with the help of four-step custom filters, it can clean the air accurately.
  3. Captain AP-1717A helps in the deodorization of the air with the help of its dual filtration system.
  4. Tuba AP-3008FH is more attractive than any air purifier by the presence of luxurious touch. It contains smart sensors that help in sensing dust and odors.
  • Quiet functioning
  • Decent appearance
  • Anti-allergic
  • Affordable
  • Pollutant sensor
  • Limited colors
  • Low range


Is Coway Air Purifier safe?

Coway Air Purifiers are considered safe and effective. They are considered life-changing for users because of their help in the removal of not only pollutants but also harmful gases or odors around you. Many volatile organic compounds are emitted in the form of gases from different solids and liquids. These air purifiers also help in the catching and removal of these VOCs.

How long do Coway filters last?

The maximum limit for the filters is almost 12 months. Many people suggest replacing these filters after 3 to 6 months but for asthmatic and allergic patients, it is recommended that these filters should be replaced after every 30 days. So, there is no exact limit where you must change your filters.

Summing It Up

Coway AP-1512HH is considered a high-quality air purifier for normal-sized accommodations. They are highly suggested because of their more than three years manufacturer’s warranty with lots of features present in it. Moreover, they are considered eco-friendly appliances that help in the filtration of air instead of causing more pollution.

They do not even cause noise pollution because of their silent working. There is no need for you to worry about heavy bills because they use less than 78 watts of energy. They help in the cure of many airborne diseases such as allergies, asthma, Covid 19, etc.