6 Best Air Purifiers Under 200 $ in 2022 – [ Top Rated Picks ]

Breathing in clean air that is free of allergens or other contaminants is a blessing. Afterall, pollutants can worsen your allergies and impact your health even if you don’t have allergies. Now you must be thinking that if I stay indoors, I am not breathing the unhealthy air. But that’s not true as indoor pollution has become more common with time.

Indoor pollution is responsible for causing different types of respiratory diseases and allergies. Well, now you won’t have to compromise on your health anymore because the air purifier is here to save the day. Although the air purifiers are quite expensive, many come at an affordable price, just under $200.Finding the air purifier that gives you complete coverage is a challenging task.

There is so much variety in the market when it comes to air purifiers. Get the one comes AHAM certification or is a Wirecutter Pick. Many air purifiers that hold one of these certifications give you 100% satisfaction as it gives you the stated coverage and efficiency. For now, here are some of the best air purifiers under 200 dollars.

6 Best Air Purifiers Under 200 Dollars – Affordable in 2022

  1. Best Overall: Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier
  2. Best Budget: LEVOIT Air Purifier
  3. Best for Dust: Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier
  4. Best HEPA: GermGuardian True Filter Air Purifier
  5. Best for Mold: Homedics TotalClean UV Tower Air Purifier
  6. Best for Living Room: Blueair Pure 411

1. Best Overall: Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier

Rating 4.7/5

Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier

Are you tired of itchy eyes? Well then, give yourself relief by buying the Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier. Further, it features a compact design that enhances its efficiency. In addition to this, the air purifier is available in two colors, black and white. Therefore it’s a premium quality air purifier that’s worth your investment.

Not only does it feature compact and modern design, but it also has excellent durability. Further, it has high efficiency due to its True HEPA filter. It is responsible for killing viruses and bacteria in the air. In addition to this, it gets rid of the foul odor from the air. In short, it’s a four-stage purification system that is perfect for indoors.

Moreover, the Coway AP-1512HH delivers outstanding performance removing 99.95% pollutants. These range within a size of 0.3 microns, so it removes even the smaller particles. It releases a small amount of ozone into the air due to its ionizer. But that’s not a problem because it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not. Many air purifiers are noisy, but this one is super quiet, making it suitable for small bedrooms.

  • Modern Design
  • Excellent Efficiency
  • Light in Weight
  • Small Area Coverage

Overall, it features an innovative design resembling an iPod. In addition to this, it also has magnificent efficiency. Moreover, it’s an ideal bedroom air purifier that produces a soothing sound that puts you to sleep in no time. Also, it has 4X ACH and CADR of 246 Dust/ 233 Smoke/ 240 Pollen (cfm), which is pretty good. Thus, the Coway AP-1512HH HEPA is the best air purifier under $200.

2. Best Budget: LEVOIT Air Purifier

Rating 4.7/5

LEVOIT Air Purifier

Are you looking for an air purifier that is suitable for smaller rooms? Well, then your search is over because the LEVOIT Air Purifier features a superb room coverage with exceptional efficiency. It’s unique from other air filters due to its cylindrical shape with an airflow grille at the bottom. Although there will be some limitations in the airflow, it’s not something to worry about.

Along with this, it also delivers fantastic performance thanks to its True HEPA filter. It can remove 99.97% contaminants from the air, including bacteria, viruses, allergens, and dust particles. Further, it has a 2X ACH rate with a CADR of 40 cfm, which is terrific for small spaces. Thus, it is a highly efficient air purifier at a reasonable price.

Moreover, the LEVOIT Air Purifier is pleasant on the ears. It is super quiet with a sound level ranging in between 32-52 decibels, making it ideal for a bedroom. Although it doesn’t have any additional features, it does come with a night light making the bedroom lamp. So now you can sleep soundlessly and wake up to happy mornings.

  • Exceptional Performance
  • High Durability
  • Excellent Portability
  • No Auto Mode

In short, the LEVOIT Air Purifier will be the best air purifier that you will ever buy with phenomenal performance. Further, its light in weight, which allows you to move it around without any trouble. Moreover, it also has Energy Star certification saving you from hefty electricity bills. Due to these impressive specs, it is a Wire Cutter Pick 2020 and even the Best Seller product on Amazon.

3. Best for Dust: Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Rating 4.7/5

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Another best air purifier under $200 is the Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier. It has a three-stage purification system, which makes it extra efficient. Moreover, it has three types of filters, including the pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and Winix Plasma Wave. The pre-filter traps larger particles such as pet hair. And the True HEPA filter and Winix Plasma Wave to kill microbes.

Even though it’s a cheap air purifier, it doesn’t sacrifice on performance. It is super-efficient due to 4X ACH and CADR of 243 Dust/ 232 Smoke/ 246 Pollen (cfm).  In addition to this, it’s gentle on air as it’s not as loud as other air purifiers. So even though it has robust fans, the sound level is up to 28 decibels. Thus it’s perfect for a smaller bedroom and office.

Unlike the LEVOIT Air Purifier, it comes with an Auto Sensor, which gives you two different settings. These include showing the air quality of the surrounding area and adjusting the fan speed. It detects the air quality of your room and then displays it through LED lights. Also, it changes the fan speed according to the concentration of pollutants in the air.

  • Premium Built Quality
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Affordable Price
  • High Maintaining Cost

In short, if you’re looking for a sturdy air purifier that features excellent performance, then Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier is the one. Coming at an affordable price, it also features an auto sensor to make things more convenient for you. Moreover, you can move it from one place to another without any trouble, also if you want something cheaper then check our best air purifiers under $150 guide. So, pick yours today before it’s too late. After all, it is an Amazon Choice product.

4. Best HEPA: GermGuardian True Filter Air Purifier

Rating 4.6/5

GermGuardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

When you’re buying an air purifier, you must go for the one that has the best air-filtering capacity. The GermGuardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier can be a great option. It gives you exceptional performance due to its 4-Stage purification system. The pre-filter comes in combination with an Activated Carbon Filter for giving you excellent efficiency.

Moreover, the GermGuardian True HEPA Filter is available in two different colors. So now, you can choose between black and white. It features a unique towering design with a modern touch to it. Further, it’s light in weight which makes it highly portable. Furthermore, the air enters the air purifier from the back and leaves from the side.

In addition to this, it also comes with UVC light for killing bacteria and viruses. Further, it has 4X ACH and a CADR of 107 Dust/ 99 Smoke/ 116 pollen. Thus, it can cover smaller and medium-sized rooms. Keep in mind that you will have to replace the filters after six or eight months. Although it’s a bit noisy compared to the above air purifiers on this list, it’s quite bearable.

  • High Efficiency
  • 3-year Warranty
  • UVC- Light
  • Lacks Smart Features
  • Little Noisy

Briefly, the GermGuardian True HEPA Filter gives you superior performance. If you don’t want to spend extra on it then have a look at the top-rated air purifiers under 50 dollars. GermGuardian comes with a UVC light for killing microbes to keep you safe from many diseases. In addition to this, it features an innovative design. Furthermore, it comes with a three years warranty. The GermGuardian True HEPA Filter is AHAM certified, then why wait?

5. Best for Mold: Homedics TotalClean UV Tower Air Purifier

Rating 4.7/5

Homedics TotalClean UV Tower Air Purifier

Most of the air purifiers either have a UVC light or an ionizer for killing bacteria and viruses. It’s rare to find both of these features together in a single air purifier. But the Homedics Total Clean UV Tower Air Purifier gives you the best of both worlds. Moreover, it is a 5-Stage purification system that removes pollutants quite efficiently. These include the Pre-filtering, Activated Carbon Filtering, Type-HEPA Filtering, UVC light, and Ionizer for capturing contaminants.

In addition to this, it can remove 99.9% of pollutants from the air without a problem. Moving onto its design, it’s quite small in size and has a cylindrical shape. It gives you 360-degree air distribution which further enhances its performance. It has a solid build and is available in two different colors, including black and white. Moreover, it is a compact air purifier with the air inlet at the bottom and the outlet at the top of it.

Since it’s light in weight, it has excellent portability. But keep in mind that you will need to take additional safety precautions when you’re using an ionizer. The ionizer releases ozone into the surrounding air; it might irritate the people that have asthma. Although the ozone concentration is within the permissible limit set by WHO, it’s still dangerous.  Therefore keep your windows open.

  • Superb Efficiency
  • Excellent Durability
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • No True HEPA Filter

The Homedics Total Clean UV Tower Air Purifier is another best air purifier under $300, which gives you complete 360-degree air distribution. It has a unique 5-Stage purification system providing its excellent efficiency for purifying the air. Although it doesn’t have a True HEPA Filter, it won’t sacrifice its performance, which is why it is an Amazon Choice Product.

6. Best for Living Room: Blueair Pure 411

Rating 4.5/5

Blueair Pure 411

Blueair often features expensive air purifiers in the market. But Blueair Pure 411 is comparatively cheaper, and it doesn’t sacrifice on performance. The air purifier features excellent air purification by removing 99.9% of pollutants. Further, it consists of three types of filters. These include the Pre-Filter, Particle Filter, and an Activated Carbon Filter. In short, it is the best value product from a well-reputed brand.

In addition to this, it has a cylindrical shape, which makes it a bit more appealing. Like high-quality air purifiers, it also features a 360-degree air distribution. The fabric is also available in many colors, giving you various choices. These include blue, pink, yellow, black, and grey. Furthermore, it’s light in weight, which makes it highly portable. It is Energy Star equipment, so it consumes less energy. In short, Blueair Pure 411 has a high-quality build with an alluring design.

The Blueair Pure 411 is suitable for small rooms covering a space of 161 square feet. Further, it has a high ACH with CADR of 120 Dust/ 105 Smoke/ 120 Pollen (cfm). Due to its outstanding coverage, it outperforms the Levoit LV-H132. It is also super quiet at the lowest settings due to Silent HEPA technology. However, it does get louder at higher speed, but it won’t bother you.

  • Easily Affordable
  • Highly Durable
  • Super Quiet
  • Poor Quality
  • Dust Filter

In short, the Blueair Pure 411 is the best living room air purifier below $200 that holds AHAM certification. Even though it doesn’t feature a True HEPA filter, it features fantastic performance. In addition to this, it has a low maintenance cost as it comes with washable Pre-Filters. The air purifier is quiet, so it’s gentle on the ears so you won’t be irritated by it. With premium quality, the Blueair Pure 411 is worth every single penny.


What is the best affordable air purifier?

The Coway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier is the best affordable air purifier that you can buy.

 What is the best air purifier 2022?

The LEVOIT Air Purifier is the best air purifier 2022 as it is Wirecutter Pick in 2022.

What is the best air purifier for a bedroom?

Both the Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier and the LEVOIT Air Purifier are the best air purifiers for a bedroom.

What is the quietest air purifier?

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier is the quietest air purifier with a sound level of 28 decibels.

Wrapping it Up

Briefly, there are many best air purifiers below 200 dollars to purchase at an affordable price. These air purifiers have great room coverage and are AHAM certified. Make sure you have your priorities in mind for buying the right product. To make it easier for you, here are the top three picks.

  • LEVOIT Air Purifier It is a Wirecutter Pick 2022 and Best Seller product on Amazon that is a super quiet exceptional performance.
  • GermGuardian True HEPA Filter It is another Best Seller product with three years warranty and has high efficiency.
  • Homedics TotalClean UV Tower It is an Amazon Choice product with superb efficiency and durability.

We are hoping that you have found this review useful.  Now you can easily find the best air purifiers. We are making your shopping much more comfortable. So, stay tuned with our webpage for getting access to such helpful content. Thank you.