8 Best Air Purifiers for Mold – [ Kill & Remove in 2022 ]

Mold is a type of fungi that is very bad for health and destroys the very look of your homes and offices. Mold can make people wheeze, sneeze, and can cause them to feel discomfort. Mold is something so hard to get rid of. If you just let it sit there and do nothing about it, it appears eventually and when it does, it is very difficult to get it out.

It is, thus, very important that when you find out about having mold in any place in your home or workplace, you should try to do everything essential to prevent the mold from finding a permanent place for itself at your home and your workplace.

This article is going to guide you to buy the best air purifiers for mold so that you can protect your home and your health from getting affected by it. As a means of helping you protect your health, homes, and offices from the harmful effects of mold, we are providing you with an ultimate buying guide for the most effective air purifiers along with their reviews and some tips for buying the most suitable air purifiers for your homes and offices.

Best Air Purifiers for Mold In 2022

  1. Best Overall: Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier
  2. Best HEPA: TaoTronics Air Purifier
  3. Best Budget: Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter
  4. Best for Home: KOIOS Air Purifier
  5. Best for Bathroom: Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Purifier
  6. Best Mini: SilverOnyx Air Purifier
  7. LEVOIT Vista 200 Air Purifier 
  8. Best for Large Rooms: Honeywell True HEPA Purifier

1. Best Overall: Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

Rating : 4.5 / 5

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

Want to breathe fresh air and sleep in peace every night? Bring the Blue Pure 411 air purifier at your home. This device has a very simple design and is very user-friendly. It has three different fan speeds and has a one-button control which allows you to adjust the speeds of the fan. This device is very effective in removing the pollutants that cause infections and allergies.

It also helps fight disturbing odors and gives your home a nice and lovely smell. It has a three-stage filtration process. In step one, a colorful and washable filter captures particles. Then comes the second filter which is the carbon activated filter.

The air passes through from it and the filter catches all allergens and bacteria from it. Then comes the third filter which helps get rid of the bad odors by filtering the air further. One of the most important features of this design is that it does not make any noise.

  • It gives cleaner air.
  • It does not make any noise.
  • It consumes less energy.
  • It has a one-year-long warranty.
  • It does not have a timer.
  • The dust filter is not good enough.

The air purifier will do its work and no one would notice, for that this device is described as whisper-silent. This purifier comes in colors like blue, dark grey, black, and many others. This device is designed to fit anywhere in your offices and at your homes. Its coverage is 161 sq. ft. It cleans the room with an air delivery rate of 105 cubic feet per minute.

2. Best HEPA: TaoTronics Air Purifier

Rating : 4.8 / 5

TaoTronics HEPA Air Purifier

The TaoTronics HEPA air purifier’s technology revitalizes you and gives you a feeling of freshness in your homes and offices. This purifier comes with a cutting-edge three-stage air purification process. It wipes out around 99% of germs, pollutants, and bacteria from your home. This device will make your home a blissful place. It does not make a lot of noise and operates at 25db. It is so refreshing and comforting that you can have a sound sleep without getting disturbed by any noise coming from your air purifier. It has four speed fans to adjust the speed.

The coverage area is good as well. It is around 161 ft2 / 15m2. It also comes with a Night Light feature where you can choose what level of brightness you want in the room at night. You can also turn the light off if you do not like any brightness in the room at night. This device gives a filter replacement reminder every six months which makes it easier to maintain.

  • It has a Night Light mode.
  • It gives a reminder to change the filter every six months.
  • It makes less noise.
  • It can be easily operated.
  • Meets all the standards of True HEPA.
  • Does not have a timer.
  • This product does not function well if it is sitting with the wall. It must always be kept away from the walls for optimal performance.
  • The coverage area is relatively small.

This air purifier is user-friendly. The control panel is very clear and gives the user easy and quick access to all the settings.

3. Best Budget: GermGuardian True HEPA Filter

Rating : 4.5 / 5

 Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

This air purifier by Guardian Technologies does not only kill pollutants, germs, and bacteria in the floating air in your house and office but leaves the room with a very pleasant smell. This purifier improves the quality of air around you, in your homes and workplaces. It is of high quality. The filters capture the small particles from the air and kill the airborne bacteria and virus with its UV light technology. This device is user friendly. It is very easy to use and helps clean the air very efficiently.

This can be placed anywhere, on your shelves, tables, and many other surfaces of your homes and offices. This purifier reduces the need to dust the home often since it does most of the cleaning work itself. It has three speed settings which can be adjusted as per your needs and wants. It also has an optional UV-C light which helps kill the bacteria better. It is made for a room that measures up to 167 square feet. This product is verified by AHAM technologies.

  • It has good performance with the UV-C light.
  • Has the best value.
  • This device has a three-year warranty.
  • User-friendly.
  • This device is noisy at high settings.
  • It does not have many smart features.

The CADR ratings for cleaning are high. One of the most amusing features of this air purifier is its long life. It comes with a three-year-long warranty and reassures that your home and office would stay neat, clean, and free of the harmful effects of any pollutants.

4. Best for Home: KOIOS Air Purifier

Rating : 4.6 / 5

KOIOS Air Purifier

This amazing purifier by KOIOS cleans all the germs and pollutants in the air around you and gives you a pleasant environment to sit and breathe in. The True HEPA technology of this device efficiently filters 99.97% of the large and small particles in the air around you. This air purifier is an ideal gadget to own especially for the pet owners and homes where children live. This device works equally well in your offices and schools. The process of filtration occurs in three stages because of the 3-in-1 purification filter.

There is a thin preliminary layer, then there is the HEPA layer and then the particles have to move through the carbon layer that actively purifies the air and leaves a pleasant and fresh environment to inhale air from without any bacteria.

This gadget is user-friendly and very easy to carry around, for it is portable. It has a very easy operating system and functions. It can fit anywhere you place it at and the performance will not be affected by it. It operates extremely well wherever it is kept. One of the best features of this device is its low power consumption and it makes it one of the best medical-grade air purifiers too. It does not require a lot of energy to start working.

It runs very quietly and makes very very little noise which lets you fall asleep in a revitalizing environment without getting worried about being disturbed in sleep.

  • This device is very cheap and affordable.
  • Has a light build.
  • Has more filters.
  • Delivers satisfactory performance.
  • The cost of filter replacement is high.
  • It has weak fan power.

This air purifier comes with a warranty of 36 months which makes it even more reliable. You will not have to worry about the safety of your pets, children, and yourself at home and at your workplaces with the KOIOS air purifier near you. It makes sure that the air you take in is safe, healthy and it smells nice.

5. Best for Bathroom: Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Purifier

Rating : 4.6 / 5

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

As a means of purifying the air that you breathe in and to protect your pets and children from getting infected by bacteria, and other pollutants, bring the Hathaspace air purifier home!

This air purifier filters your air and makes it safer for you to breathe, at home and your workplaces. This device captures particles as small as 0.3 microns and cleans your air, making it safer and healthier for you and your family.

Breathing the clean air can help a lot with very common allergy symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. This device is an air purifier as well as an odor eliminator for it removes the bad odors from your rooms and makes it pleasant and relaxing to breathe in. The unique honeycomb activated carbon filter helps in the absorption of smoke, odors and other harmful particles in the air.

An interesting feature of this device is that it always lets you see the amount of pollutants in the air and shows you how clean the air you are inhaling is. With this device you always know what you are breathing and how safe it is. The device has such powerful pollutant sensors which help in improving its performance. Along with this gadget, you get a remote control, a manual, and a warranty card. It has a two-year warranty which is very good compared to other similar products as well as it’s one of the best air purifiers for viruses.

The most powerful feature of this device is the 5-in-1 Purification System of Hathaspace. It has five effective filters. The first one is the Cold Catalyst Filter which is the first line of defense of this filter. It removes the larger particles like pet danger, dust and harmful chemicals from the air. The Cellular-Activated Carbon Filter absorbs smoke, gases and odors. The Antibacterial Filter kills germs and bacteria very efficiently.

  • Air filters of great value.
  • Has high value
  • Very low in budget.
  • It is very quiet.
  • The build of the product is cheap.
  • The customer service is weak.

Then comes the True HEPA Filter that removes dust mites, allergens and pollutants from the air. After that is the Ionizer which releases electrically charged anions in the air and neutralizes odors and air particles. This device is an incredible thing to have in your homes and offices for a safer, healthier, and protected environment.

6. Best Mini: SilverOnyx Air Purifier

Rating : 4.6 / 5

SilverOnyx Air Purifier

Breathe in a relaxing environment with the SilverOnyx True HEPA Air Purifier. It delivers a powerful performance. It has a compact design which is very light weight as well. The five stage filtration process captures larger particles and filters them. It neutralizes the household odors as well. The UV sanitizer helps kill bacteria and pollutants.

This air purifier is very compact and can be placed anywhere in the home and even in the offices. It is a must have gadget for smokers and people who own pets. It’s coverage is about 500 square feet. The automatically adjustable sensor manages air flow and ensures that the quality of air is high. The True HEPA H13 filter exhibits great performance and effectively sanitizes the air. The settings are easy to access and adjust. It has a 5-speed fan with speeds that can be adjusted easily.

  • Has a very strong air filtration process.
  • Has a very smart sensor.
  • Intelligent design.
  • It is very quiet.
  • CADR rating is low.

It has a timer that makes turning it on and off easier. The filters are of high quality. Moreover, the device is durable and reliable as well as is one of the best air purifiers under 500 dollars. It is user-friendly. The black bold color adds to the look of this device. If you are looking for an air purifier that looks great and performs well, this should be your choice.

7. LEVOIT Vista 200 Air Purifier 

Rating : 4.5 / 5

LEVOIT Vista 200 Air Purifier

This beautiful white design gives a good look to every place it is placed in. This air purifier is 100% ozone free. It does not even use UV protection. It lets you enjoy fresh, pollutant-free air which relaxes you. It creates an environment that is very much natural and a lot healthier. It has an advanced brushless motor that consumes very less electricity and saves greatly on energy costs. It runs on 9W of electricity.

The three-stage filtration process helps eliminate odors, bacteria, and allergens from the air. When the sleep mode is turned on, no noise is heard because of the silent operation of the device. It cleans the air at the sound of only 26 dB. It helps make breathing easier and lets you enjoy a night of undisturbed restful sleep.

It has the Gentle Light feature which reduces the brightness levels at night so that you can sleep without being disturbed by the light. It has timer settings that turn it on and off to make its use convenient. The 3 Fan speeds can be adjusted as per the requirements of the users.

  • It is super quiet.
  • The filter should be replaced in 6-8 months.
  • The purifier is small.
  • The purifier is very effective.
  • The night light can be irritating sometimes.

This device is best for rooms that are up to 161 square feet in size. The filter check indicator makes it easier for you to know when you have to change the filters. It has a two-year warranty in which the filter is required to be changed every six to eight months. This air purifier is such a good choice for those who want to have a cleaner environment without having ionizers and UV rays affect them and their pets.

8. Best for Large Rooms: Honeywell True HEPA Purifier

Rating : 4.5 / 5

Honeywell True HEPA Whole Room Air Purifier

This device is ideal for larger rooms. It very effectively captures airborne allergens up to 99.97%. It is specially designed to purify the air in open and large rooms. This device has an automatic timer, which helps the device shut off by itself when it is not in use. It has a special A+ Genuine pre-filter that helps capture large-sized particles such as lint, fibers, and pet furs. It reduces odors and smoke, leaving behind a pleasant smell. It is important to replace the filters every 3 months. There is a filter check light that reminds you when it is time to change the filter. It also has an R-Certified True HEPA filter which has to be replaced every 12 months.

This device is AHAM verified. The coverage area is 5 Air changes per hour in a 465 square feet room. One of the most interesting things about this product is its warranty. It comes with a great warranty of five years! The filters in it are supposed to be changed and replaced at different times but the gadget can last for five years and keep exhibiting amazing performance.

It can function very well no matter where it is kept. It can still perform great if it is kept against the wall, while many other electric air purifiers can not exhibit good performance. The design is very compact and intelligent. Though the device is small in size it is still powerful enough to clean and purify the air inside large rooms and halls at home and workplaces respectively. The black color gives it a nice look and shine that makes it even appealing to the eyes.

  • It has very low energy consumption.
  • Works silently on all modes.
  • Has an indicator light to remind that the filter needs changing.
  • It is heavy at 21 lbs.
  • All the filters need replacement and this is expensive.

If you are trying to find an air purifier for your large rooms and halls at the workplace, the Honeywell True HEPA Whole Room Air Purifier with allergen remover, HPA 300 is the most suitable item for you to purchase.

Things to Consider before Buying Air Purifier for MOLD

There are several things and qualities that are considered essential before you buy an air purifier for the mold. When you start looking for devices for air purification you should always try and take a look at the things that matter most in a purifier which are as follows :

  • The first and foremost factor that you must consider while buying an air purifier is the technology that it uses. There are several types of techniques used in the making of air purifying devices. Some techniques yield better results than others. Always make sure that you choose the one which is the most reliable and the most suitable for your needs.
  • The second thing that you must have on your mind is the coverage of the air purifier, that is the specific area which a device covers. Within the limits of the coverage of the device, it produces optimal results. You must always choose an air purifying device with wide coverage.
  • The third thing that you should be concerned about is not very essential but is important nonetheless, and it will help you keep the environment clean. This is the warranty for the device that you choose to buy. You must buy devices that will last for a long time. You must always check the warranty of a device before you buy it.

It is very important to have an air purifier to resolve the problem of mold at home and in offices so that you can make sure that the air that you take in while you breathe is clean, fresh, and pure. Here are some top products for you to check out to make your home and workplace a better and safer place. Let’s get started!


How can I reset the filter replacement indicator in Blue Pure 411?

You will have to press and hold down the LED button for at least ten seconds to reset the replacement filter indicator in Blue Pure 411.

How often should I change the filter in Blue Pure 411?

You should certainly change it within four to twelve months, for it will help you increase the performance efficiency of the product.

What kind of a filter do I need?

Always choose the filter for your purifier based on the type of cleaning and filtration that you need. It should always be based on what kind of pollutants you want to get filtered. Some pollutants can only be filtered by specific filters, so always make sure what you want to clean.

Can Blue Pure 411 remove indoor gases?

Yes, it surely can remove indoor gases such as smoke, chemical fumes, and some other chemicals in the air. It helps get rid of them and provides a clean and safe environment for breathing.

Can Blue Pure 411 catch airborne bacteria?

Yes, of course, it can catch airborne bacteria. The Blueair filters are very effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses in the air and making it safe for breathing.

Does Blue Pure 411’s ionization produce high levels of ozone? Can it cause harm?

No, the Blue Pure 411 does not get to a level of production of ozone where it becomes harmful for the users. Our design protects against excessive production of ozone and the powerful technology of this device removes ambient ozone particles from the air and makes it safe.

Is it fine if my air purifier is at full speed at all times?

It is highly recommended to put the air purifier on auto mode. That way, whenever there will be a need to adjust speed, the device will itself do that. It is not very good for the air purifier to be working at full speed at all times.

What signature quality do Blueair air purifiers have?

The most significant property of the Blueair air purifiers is its low ozone concentration. They do not produce ozone at dangerous levels and clean it from the air because of their strong technology and filters.

What are the major factors of effective air purifiers?

The major factors that make air purifiers effective and efficient are as follows :

  • The efficiency of the purifier.
  • The rating of the purifier.
  • The airflow of the purifier.
  • The particulate matter load.

What are HEPA filters?

HEPA filters or high-efficiency particulate air filters are a type of filter that are found on the surface of the purifier. They trap dust, pollen, allergens, smoke, and animal fur. They are mostly ozone free, which makes them a lot safer than the filters that produce a lot of ozone. People and animals that breathe the air which is cleaned by air purifiers producing a lot of ozone suffer health problems. HEPA filters are safer and a lot more productive in their use and performance.

How many hours a day should an air purifier run?

It is very healthy if you use the air purifier for at least twelve hours a day. It is not a strict rule but a widely recommended one because it is totally important and healthy to use an air purifier and when you use it at home for 12 hours, you are more likely to breathe fresh and clean air in half of your day which would be very good for your and your pet’s health.

How long does it take an air purifier to get the room cleaned?

It takes at least 30 minutes to 2 hours for an air purifier to clean the room and make it free of pollutants and allergens.

Do the air purifiers make the humid air dry?

The very simple answer to this is no, the air purifiers do not make the air dry. The air purifiers are just a fan device that removes pollutants from the air and releases ions which for sure does not at all change the level of humidity in the air in your room.

Can an air purifier cure Asthma and allergies?

No, the air purifiers can not cure Asthma and allergies, however, they can remove the bacteria from the air which makes the environment safer and can help you breathe better and easier but they in no way cure any diseases. They can only help in prevention from disease because of their purifying technology.

Are there any dangerous side effects of air purifiers?

No, there are no side effects of using air purifiers generally, however, some air purifiers can produce high levels of ozone which can cause great harm to the environment and the people and animals inhaling the purified air. It is highly recommended to use air purifiers that are ozone-free or have very low concentrations of ozone production.

Can a window be kept open in a room where an air purifier is running?

It does not matter if the windows and doors are kept open because the air purifier would keep on purifying the air regardless but it is highly recommended to keep the doors and windows closed to ensure maximum performance of the air purifier.