About Us

Welcome to AskPurify – the house of best indoor gadgets. AskPurify provides the product comparison tables and lists of top products that can make your daily life better. We do extensive product research by thoroughly examining the specs and features of the products and then provide you a clutter-free list of top-rated products that you can buy with confidence & that too in your budget.

Who Started & Manages AskPurify

Jasmine Charles

Hi, my name is Jasmine Charles and I’m a mother of two. I’ve always been curious about the new gadgets available in the market especially on Amazon to make our daily life easy. I loved buying and trying out new products. However, once our family experienced some serious allergies and I decided to get some Air Purifiers for our place but couldn’t find any which can do the job perfectly. That was the turning point where I realized its not all that easy to find something good and then I started AskPurify to help other mothers out there to find the best for their family. If you have any query shoot me an email at [email protected] | [email protected].

Our Honesty Pledge

We’ll never suggest a product or a service simply because of fancy advertising, big budgets or brand names. In fact, we discard all of the aforementioned and get down to brass tacks; we’ll tell you if the product does what is promises and if it does it well. To that end, our team of writers won’t rest until they’ve answered your product questions, so never hesitate to contact us.

How We Review Products

Our staff of expert writers approach reviews with a two prong approach: through exhaustive research and actual hands on time with the product (or service) in question (when so allowed). This means products are either loaned to the us, or we purchase the product or service using our own money. In either instance, we’re committed to evaluating goods and services in real world terms.

If you’ve any query or would like to get in touch then visit our Contact Us page.